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Cheryl Harness

Expect a day packed full of serious fun when Cheryl comes to your school to show and tell how she’s made her many historical picture books. She’ll tell about the researching, writing, and REwriting. She’ll show how she goes about creating her elaborate illustrations, too.

Will Cheryl draw pictures?  Yup.  Will she show up in costume or play her harmonica? Very likely. Will she answer lots of questions? Give good writing tips? Sign books?  Absolutely!

Cheryl’s 45-50 minute talk is a mixture of humor, bookbiz, and history, her own and our nation’s. After all, as Cheryl will tell you, “History is ever so much more than a load of factoids about dead people and battles!  A historical understanding gives you a lofty vantage point from which we can see how & why we all got to our modern world.”

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Grade Levels: Grades 3-5 , Middle School
Genres: Nonfiction