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James Preller

James Preller is best known as the author of the popular Jigsaw Jones mystery series. In addition, he has written many books for students of all ages, including but not limited to: Hiccups For Elephant, Wake Me In Spring, and A Pirate’s Guide for First Grade for the youngest readers; Along Came Spider and Justin Fisher Declares War! for middle grade readers; and Six Innings and Bystander for older readers (grade 4/5-up).

When asked to describe his school visits, James says, “I am relaxed and confident speaking with students at any grade level, though, of course, the content of those talks varies according to age level. Fortunately, I’ve written a range of books that are appropriate for kindergarten up to middle school. Typically, I’ll do three 45-50 minutes presentations during a full-day visit. In addition, schools sometimes like to set up lunches with a small group of students, and I’ve always enjoyed that. I am happy and honored to sign books. For the best results, I’ve found that it makes a huge difference when students are familiar with my work and have thought about questions in advance. Like everything else in life, what you get out of it is in proportion to the energy that’s put into it. If the school leaders are excited and enthusiastic, that energy transfers to the students –- and we all have a terrific, rewarding experience. I don’t juggle, blow bubbles, or put on slide shows. I’m just an author talking about what I do for a living, reading a bit, answering questions, all (hopefully) in an entertaining fashion.”

James Preller lives in Delmar, New York. He blogs regularly at

Grade Levels: Grades 3-5 , Grades K-2
Genres: Fiction