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Nina Crews

NinaNina Crews has been sharing her unique photo-collage picture books with schoolchildren since 1996. She brings her studio to her audience by showing examples of the tools she uses and discussing where and how she works.
She also shares about the experience of growing up in a picture book family, and how that has influenced her work. She is the daughter of picture book authors Donald Crews and Ann Jonas.

Nina tailors her programs to the age of her audience. With the youngest she keeps her points simple – thinking in pictures, using a camera, collage and where ideas come from, and she spends some time reading or singing songs from her books. With older children she talks more technically about what she does: the hard work of writing and rewriting – showing drafts and sketches, what happens at a typical a photography session, and when feasible a Photoshop demonstration of her technique.

Whatever the age, she devotes time towards the end of the session to questions. She understands that for many children, her visit is an opportunity to talk with a real live book author, and considers this dialog as meaningful as her presentation.

Grade Levels: Grades 3-5 , Grades K-2
Genres: Fiction