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Ying Chang Compestine

Ying shares with students how her life in China inspired her writing, her journey as a writer and the challenges of writing in her second language. For younger grades, Ying utilizes a PowerPoint presentation using pictures of her life growing up in China to introduce students to Chinese culture, its delicious food and how she was inspired. She engages them in hands on activities, teaching them how to make dumplings or use chopsticks. Additionally, she presents a video from a Discovery TV show featuring her picture book The Run Away Rice Cake, which introduces the Chinese New Year, the values of sharing and compassion. For older grades, she discusses the writing and editing process, developing ideas, and researching. She shares the process of writing her award-winning novel, Revolution Is Not a Dinner Party, which was inspired by her childhood in China. She gives a PowerPoint presentation showing the locations and people that inspired her stories. Revolution is Not a Dinner Party has been chosen for the One Book, One County program for San Mateo County, CA, and has been selected as a required reading book for many schools. In addition to speaking about her writing, Ying can also present healthy Asian eating and lifestyles, conducting healthy cooking classes for teachers, parents and older students. The classes are popular auction items.

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Why I Wrote Revolutionan interview with the Children’s Book Council

Watch how to make dumplings! Recipe from the picture book Boy Dumplings.

Grade Levels: Grades 3-5 , Grades K-2 , Middle School
Genres: Fiction