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David A. Adler

David A. Adler is the author of 220 books including all the Cam Jansen Mysteries and the Picture Book Biography Series.  When he speaks to children he follows a book from idea through the research, writing, rewriting, editing, galleys, illustration, and printing steps.  For just about every step there is a demonstration of one kind or another. The demonstrations differ depending on the age/grade level of the audience.

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Grade Levels: Grades 3-5 , Grades K-2
Genres: Fiction , Nonfiction

Natalie Bober

Natalie Bober is an award-winning author with a strong background in the humanities and eighteenth century British and American history. She believes that biography is the human heart of history. Her biographies describe the milieu from which her subjects sprang, and show how their accomplishments were an outgrowth of the lives they lived. Her books have appeal across a wide spectrum of ages, and have garnered starred reviews from Booklist, School Library Journal, and Kirkus Reviews. They have been acclaimed in the New York Times Book Review as among the best of their genre being written today. Bober served as a consultant for the PBS television documentary Thomas Jefferson and appeared as a “talking head” throughout the program. She has lectured at conferences and universities across the country and at Oxford University, as well as at the annual lecture series on the Adams Family, the 250th birthday celebration of Thomas Jefferson, and at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston, MA. Among her titles are: Thomas Jefferson: Draftsman of a Nation (ALA Award “Best of the Best”); Countdown to Independence; Abigail Adams: Witness to a Revolution (Boston Globe/Horn Book Award) and A Restless Spirit: The Story of Robert Frost (Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award and “Vermont Reads” Book of the Year 2008). She was elected to the Hunter College Hall of Fame, is a Fellow of the International Center for Jefferson Studies, and a member of the board of the Jefferson Legacy Foundation. Over the years Natalie Bober has spoken at countless schools, and continues to enjoy this. She is now looking forward to the publication of a new picture book biography next year.

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Grade Levels: Middle School , Upper School
Genres: Nonfiction

Cheryl Harness

Expect a day packed full of serious fun when Cheryl comes to your school to show and tell how she’s made her many historical picture books. She’ll tell about the researching, writing, and REwriting. She’ll show how she goes about creating her elaborate illustrations, too.

Will Cheryl draw pictures?  Yup.  Will she show up in costume or play her harmonica? Very likely. Will she answer lots of questions? Give good writing tips? Sign books?  Absolutely!

Cheryl’s 45-50 minute talk is a mixture of humor, bookbiz, and history, her own and our nation’s. After all, as Cheryl will tell you, “History is ever so much more than a load of factoids about dead people and battles!  A historical understanding gives you a lofty vantage point from which we can see how & why we all got to our modern world.”

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Grade Levels: Grades 3-5 , Middle School
Genres: Nonfiction

Peter Lourie

Peter takes students on adventures around the world and shows them the passion that lies at the heart of travel and writing.  In this lively multimedia adventure presentation he will take children into cloud-forested jungles to look for Inca treasure, up Mayan and Aztec temple walls, into the Arctic world of Eskimos and polar bears, out to prehistoric early human excavations in East Africa, down historic rivers and waterways, and deep into the history and foreign cultures studied in elementary and middle school.  His Adventure Assembly helps children understand the process of a writer – researching topics, collecting journals, and perfecting the writer’s craft.  Optional follow-up writing workshops and peer critique residencies help teachers and students bring adventure to the page as they perfect their writing skills.

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Grade Levels: Grades 3-5 , Grades K-2 , Middle School
Genres: Nonfiction

Meghan McCarthy


Publishers Weekly said “McCarthy’s humor is right on target for mischievous younger readers.” Her work has also been called “bold,” “whimsical,” “wacky,” and “terribly amusing.” Her nonfiction has been called “light hearted but well researched” and “action

For more information than you’d ever want to know about Meghan and her books, go to & Once you enter you’ll have a hard time leaving! Lots of free stuff! Fun for the parents! Fun for the kids! Fun for everyone!

Grade Levels: Grades 3-5 , Grades K-2
Genres: Fiction , non-fiction , Nonfiction

Marc Tyler Nobleman


“Wow—incredible! An inspiration—absolutely gripping story everyone should hear.”
—educator attendee, Charlotte S. Huck Children’s Literature Festival, Redlands, CA

Marc Tyler Nobleman is the author of Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman (which made the front page of USA Today) and Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman (which inspired a TED talk…and changed pop culture history). Upcoming titles include Thirty Minutes Over Oregon, Fairy Spell, The Chupacabra Ate the Candelabra, and Brave Like My Brother.

His talks are real-life detective stories engaging for any age, even those who couldn’t care less about superheroes. He has been invited to speak at schools and conferences internationally (from India to Tanzania) and blogs about adventures in publishing (from research victories to promotional gambles) at Noblemania. Twitter: @MarcTNobleman.

“I’ve never seen an author have such an impact as did Marc. My students were enthralled. In a grocery store, a colleague overheard a 4th grader heatedly discussing the presentation with his father.”
—Lisa Casey, library media specialist, Jamestown School District, RI

“To say that [your] presentation was outstanding is almost an understatement. I’ve been the Head of Lower School for 30 years. All of the adults agreed that [you are] the best presenter we have ever had.”
—Dana Hahn, Head of Lower School, Wheeler School, Providence, RI


Grade Levels: Grades 3-5 , Grades K-2 , Middle School
Genres: Fiction , Nonfiction

Andrea Davis Pinkney

Andrea Davis Pinkney is the New York Times bestselling and award-winning author of many books for children and young adults, including picture books, novels, works of historical fiction and non-fiction.

Andrea’s books include the novel Bird In a Box, hailed by Kirkus in a starred review as “artfully orchestrated. . . with grace, restraint, and a wealth of historical detail.” She is also the author of the forthcoming novel With the Might of Angels, a book in Scholastic’s Dear America series. Her picture book include: Sit-In: How Four Friends Stood Up By Sitting Down, a Parenting Publication Gold Medal winner and winner of the Carter G. Woodson Award, Sojourner Truth’s Step-Stomp Stride, a 2010 Jane Addams Honor Book and School Library Journal
“Best Book of the Year”; the Coretta Scott King Author Honor Book, Let it Shine: Stories of Black Women Freedom Fighters, which also won the Carter G. Woodson Award for historical works for young people; Duke Ellington, a Caldecott Honor and Coretta Scott King Honor Book, and Boycott Blues: How Rosa Parks Inspired a Nation, a featured selection on Oprah and Friends radio.
Andrea was named one of the “25 Most Influential Black Women in Business” by The Network Journal, a publication for Black professionals. And, she was among “The 25 Most Influential People in Our Children’s Lives” featured in Children’s Health Magazine.
Andrea lives in New York City with her husband, award-winning illustrator Brian Pinkney, and their two children.  The Pinkneys can present together or separately. They are well-versed in serving children of many ages and developmental stages, including those who have learning disabilities.

Andrea’s presentation is very interactive and fun for students and teachers, children and adults. It involves a power point, audience participation, show-and-tell, and lots of feedback from participants. She also reads from her books. Presentations are tailored for each audience. She also delivers keynote addresses at universities and colleges, publishing workshops, and curriculum training.


Grade Levels: Grades 3-5 , Middle School , Upper School
Genres: Fiction , Nonfiction

Doreen Rappaport


Doreen specializes in multicultural history and stories. Librarians have praised her fifty non-fiction and historical fiction books for their meticulous research and varied literary styles. Younger readers have told her she helped “hook them” into reading history.  Doreen’s books have their share of awards, and she received a lifetime achievement award for the writing of non-fiction from the Washington Post-Children’s Book Guild.

How do authors get ideas?  Translate them into fiction or nonfiction? Plow through stumbling blocks? Deal with criticism? Using examples from among my fifty books, Doreen opens the exciting process of writing, research, thinking and revision to children.  She empowers their writing by showing them how she discovers her voice. By sharing her writing process, Ms. Rappaport encourages theirs.

Well versed in the rhythms of children and the curriculum from seven years of teaching, Doreen hand tailors programs to the needs of individual schools. Her programs include writing workshops, women’s history, African-American history, and the classic author appearance. Her teacher guides on her website help prepare students prepare for her visit.

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Grade Levels: Grades 3-5 , Middle School , Upper School
Genres: Fiction , Nonfiction

Jan Reynolds

Get ready for a rockin’ adventure with Jan Reynolds. You’ll climb and ski your way around the globe setting world records, live with an indigenous tribe on each continent, and even fly a hot air balloon over Everest. Yup, she did all this, and was even on the U.S. Biathlon Team (combination of cross country skiing and rifle marksmanship). Jan uses her multi-media show/lecture to connect with her audience, then let the discussions begin! Aside from the adventure and exploration in Jan’s show, her main topics are ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY, and CULTURAL TOLERANCE (Jan prefers “cultural appreciation” to this currently used term).  Jan’s books are set all around the world, environments are explored: rain forest, arctic, desert, mountains and plains. We also explore cultures, like the Tibetans, Tuareg, Yanamama, Samiis, Aboriginals, Inuit and Mongolians who live in these environments. Jan loves to show that humans and their environments have worked in harmony throughout time, and that we CAN and should continue. She also loves to show, through celebration around the world, that we are all one human family, celebrating life. Jan’s books have won numerous awards, national and international, such as PARENT’S CHOICE, PICK OF THE LIST, NCSS NOTABLE BOOKS FOR SOCIAL STUDIES, and much, much more. Her program can be used to teach how to do research, work with all the geography standards, writing for testing prompts, email, journals, eventually even school and job applications. Jan’s goal is to create students who write without fear!

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Grade Levels: Grades 3-5 , Grades K-2 , Middle School , Upper School
Genres: Nonfiction

Melissa Sweet

As author and illustrator, Melissa Sweet’s presentations begin with the question:  Which comes first, words or images? Melissa shows materials used in making a picture book, from sketches to the art and the unbound pages of the final book. She talks about where ideas come from and the process of drawing, revising and editing. For each presentation, Melissa has a slide show with images of her studio, and using one title appropriate for the age group, Melissa shows slides of the making of that title. Some of the titles include: the Sleepy Little Alphabet, Carmine: a Little More Red, and the Caldecott Honor book, A River of Words. Next, she provides a small drawing booklet for each student and draws with the class showing simple cartooning techniques. The presentation concludes with questions and answers and a chance talk about upcoming books and projects.

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Grade Levels: Grades 3-5 , Grades K-2
Genres: Fiction , Nonfiction