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Children’s Authors’ Ally has connected our schools with the following critically acclaimed authors and illustrators because we personally know the content and quality of each of their school programs. We have observed these authors at schools, working with students and teachers, day after day. We’re impressed with the way they connect with children, and critics are impressed with their books. All of these authors and illustrators have received rave reviews from publications such as School Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, and Booklist. Many have been honored with state awards and several have won the Caldecott Honor, Newbery Medal, and other awards given by the American Library Association.

With feedback and guidance from our school clients, we frequently seek new author programs for our schools. The list herein should not be considered complete and we’re likely to have additional ideas beyond those listed on this website.

For your convenience, we have listed the authors and illustrators alphabetically. You can also search for authors and illustrators by genre and the recommended reader age of their books.


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