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Charles R. Smith Jr.

Charles R. Smith Jr. is a children’s author and photographer, and the 2010 Winner of the Coretta Scott King Award for Illustration.  He is the is the author of over twenty books, including but not limited to: My People, Chameleon, Winning Words, Hoop Kings, I Am America, Twelve Rounds to Glory The Story of Muhammad Ali, and The Mighty 12 Superheroes of Greek Myths. Regarding his school visits, Charles says, “I truly enjoy visiting schools and meeting the kids that read my books. The children are an inspiration to me. My hope is to plant a seed that they too can write and take photos, and to achieve any goal by reading. I talk about life as a professional photographer and writer, and where my career has taken me in the world and what goes into creating a photograph. I also talk about each book, perform poems and discuss how and why I did things the way I did.  When it comes to my poetry, I try to bring the words to life by performing them so students and teachers can see the power of words at work. I also discuss my interests as a person and how that determines what projects I might do.”

Charles can be found on the web at

Grade Levels: Grades 3-5 , Middle School
Genres: Fiction , Poetry