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Eric Wight

Unknown-3My career has lead me from one exciting journey to another, from working as a professional animator for such companies as Disney, Warner Bros., and Cartoon Network, to winning awards for my comic book adaptation of the Pulitzer prize-winning novel, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. I’ve developed entertainment properties for movie stars, created props for television shows like The O.C. and Six Feet Under, and in 2007 wrote and illustrated my first original graphic novel, My Dead Girlfriend, which was selected by YALSA as a Great Graphic Novel for Teens.

And yet, these accomplishments seem trivial compared to my proudest achievement: the co-creation of my son and daughter. Becoming a father sharpened my creative focus with laser accuracy. I realized that I wanted to create stories my family and I could enjoy together. Stories that made us laugh, but also offered a positive point of view. Frankie Pickle is my first series of such stories, and there are many more to follow.
The perks of being a children’s book author are many. After all, I earn a living by using my imagination, spending my days writing and illustrating stories—often while in my pajamas. But my favorite part of the process actually has little to do with making the books themselves. It’s being given the opportunity to visit schools and libraries so that I can share what it’s like to be an author, and help kids unlock their creative potential. Nothing compares to the pricelessness of a child making a comic book for you because they were inspired to do so after reading your story. Or a parent telling you that your book was the “light switch” that reformed their reluctant reader. Or a teacher who for the first time in their career had a class who unanimously completed their reading assignment because they enjoyed the book so much, and oh yeah, it happened to be the one you made.

Success is too often measured in dollar signs and golden statues. For me, no greater reward would be to someday read the biographies of a new generation of storytellers, and learn that somehow, I might have played a small role in inspiring them to chase their dreams the same way Walt Disney did for me so many years before.

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Grade Levels: Grades 3-5 , Grades K-2
Genres: Fiction