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Natalie Kinsey-Warnock

Natalie’s books are based on her childhood growing up on a Vermont dairy farm, and her true family stories, and Natalie’s school presentations are all about family stories and encouraging students to explore the stories in their own families. Natalie shows how she writes about her own family (The Canada Geese Quilt, The Bear That Heard Crying, Wilderness Cat, From Dawn Til Dusk), and discusses various ways of uncovering family stories and how students can use those stories in their own writing. Natalie also conducts writing workshops, and since 2012 has been involved with her Storykeepers residency program and she is eager to bring it to your school. Storykeepers teaches students how to do historical research based on their family stories. Units include genealogy and family trees; photography; primary/secondary sources; records at the Town Clerk’s; artifacts; census records; and other online research. Students choose an ancestor, or local historical person, to research, using at least three tools of research, and create a culminating activity. Natalie offers 3-8 day Residency programs with Storykeepers.

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Praise for Storykeepers:

The second graders at PQ received the gift of Natalie’s Storykeepers Workshop this past March. Natalie did an amazing job of presenting the information in a way that not only held the children’s attention, but truly sparked their interest. After the first day working with Natalie, the children came in with artifacts, family stories and an unquenchable desire to research their family history. We saw reluctant readers and writers eager to explore and share their stories through writing about the information they had found online. It was truly inspiring! We, as teachers, even began researching our own families and sharing our stories. In my twenty years of teaching, I have never seen one unit capture the interest and motivate children as much as Natalie’s Storykeepers Workshop. It is truly an authentic and valuable workshop that helps inspire all involved to learn about and share their families’ history and stories through research and writing. It was also a wonderful way for families to reconnect with one another by telling their family stories and sharing their history.

Beth Savarese, PQ School Teacher


I have been a member of the PARP(Parents as Reading Partners) Committee for the past 8 years. The StoryKeepers Program with Natalie Kinsey-Warnock was the best writing workshop program that I have seen offered through our PARP program. This 3 day program(modified from her 10 day Vermont based program) was piloted for 2nd and 4th grade students, and actively engaged all students on an age appropriate level. Natalie’s passion for genealogy and her depth of knowledge inspired students, staff and ultimately parents. Students were empowered to engage in conversations with family members, research primary and secondary documents and explore their family history to tell their unique story. Students felt confident to tackle the topic of genealogy because of Natalie’s teaching skills. Students left each session motivated and were provided with appropriate resources to aid their research. This program is a wonderful resource to expose children to aspects of research, historical and cultural history, and writing in a systematic yet exciting way. Many families provided feedback on the joy of discovering and/or rediscovering their family history with their children. This program was so well received we’re considering offering this earlier in the school year to set the stage for research and writing and also include expansion to other grades. This program was a gift to all!

Veronica Smith—PQ school, Co-Chair of the PARP Committee, K-5 Elementary School, Westchester County, NY

Grade Levels: Grades 3-5 , Grades K-2 , Middle School
Genres: Fiction , Nonfiction