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Peter Catalanotto


In the words of Peter Catalanotto:

Since 1990, I’ve presented in over 1500 schools in 40 states, showing my creative process from inspiration to finished book. I demonstrate basic strategies for getting ideas and developing them.

Many children feel there’s nothing in their lives interesting enough about which to write. I show them how the simplest things from everyday life can become an interesting and imaginative story.

I also draw in each program, showing tips and techniques that children are eager to try.

Following a visit, many teachers have written to tell me how inspired and empowered their students were to write and draw after leaving my program. Some have told me children will want to stay in from recess to create a story or they’ve asked if they can take their journals with them out to the playground.

I tailor each program for different ages and I have presentations appropriate for grades Kindergarten through 5th.

I also have a presentation that I do for educators at conferences and in-services. I show teachers many basic, child-friendly strategies to inspire even the most reluctant writer.    I also give the teachers tips to make them more confident as writers and writing instructors.

I’ve published over 45 books for children, 16 of which I’ve written, including Ivan the Terrier, Matthew A. B. C. and Emily’s Art. The first of my early reader series; Monkey & Robot was released in January, 2013. More of Monkey & Robot will be released in early 2014. I’ve illustrated for some wonderful writers including Cynthia Rylant, Mary Pope Osborne, Joanne Ryder, Megan McDonald, George Ella Lyon and Robert Burleigh.

In 2013 I taught the first children’s book writing class at Columbia University and have been invited back to instruct a more extensive course.

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Grade Levels: Grades 3-5 , Grades K-2
Genres: Fiction