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Ted Scheu

Ted Scheu makes writing fun! One moment he’s a gigglebone-tickling poet, sharing his funny, ‘heartful’ verses aloud in a rollicking, interactive assembly. Next, he’s an inspiring, energetic teacher—of kids and teachers—zooming around their class, helping them look carefully at their world and find their own writer’s voices, while sharing the power and fun of poems.

Ted’s goal is to connect with kids—to get them excited about writing, and, secondarily, to get their teachers excited about teaching writing (Ted has taught grades K to 5 in Vermont)—all the while getting rave reviews from kids, teachers, and parents. Ted does single or multi-day residencies with 4-5 presentations per day with students in Kindergarten through Sixth grade.  Before each program, Ted sends along complimentary books and a workshop ‘menu’ from which teachers choose—figurative language, revision, writing from the heart, rhyming, or customized workshops. Each child—even the most hesitant writer— succeeds in writing a poem draft in each class, and begins the revision process.

Ted also does teacher workshops, evening family events (where kids and parents write and laugh together) and ‘virtual visits’ via Skype. Each school Ted visits can do a Skype follow-up visit with him a month or so later, to check in.

Ted’s poems appear in over a dozen anthologies and collections  in the US and UK, including his family poems, “I Froze My Mother,” his school poems, “I Tickled My Teachers,” and his sports poems, “I Threw My Brother Out.”

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Grade Levels: Grades 3-5 , Grades K-2
Genres: Poetry