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Our Services

Welcome! Children’s Authors’ Ally would be delighted to help you host an award-winning author or illustrator at your school, library or conference. Since 2001, we have been connecting schools and libraries with topnotch visiting authors. With more than 400 schools and forty critically acclaimed authors and illustrators on our roster, we are the first and last stop for educators seeking an unforgettable experience for their students.

Whether you are planning a one-day author visit or seeking a weeklong artist-in residence, we are confident we can help you find the right author or illustrator to inspire your students to read, write, draw and dream. We make the process as easy as ABC.

We are uniquely experienced and provide unbiased recommendations.
At Children’s Authors’ Ally, we consider ourselves a bridge between authors and schools rather than simply an author’s representative. Our clients are schools and libraries and we’re honored to enjoy long-lasting relationships with our clients. We learn about your organization’s goals, expectations, facilities and curriculum in order to recommend visiting author programs that will suit your needs. Unlike other companies recommending author programs, Children’s Authors’ Ally offers unbiased suggestions. The authors on our roster do not pay to be listed on this site. We have chosen to partner with these authors because we believe in their programs and their impact on students. As former educators, we know schools, students and teaching methods. We work with schools year after year because our track record shows that we bring quality programming and efficient planning.

We coordinate every aspect of the visit, making the process simple for the school.
Children’s Authors’ Ally has coordinated thousands of author events. Simply said, we are experts at creating smooth, successful author visits and we’ll guide you each step of the way. This is what we’ll do for you:

  • Recommend author programs
  • Suggest appropriate formats for your program
  • Create a contract between the author and organization
  • Coordinate travel arrangements
  • Communicate technical and other set-up requirements
  • Advise on best practices for student preparation
  • Travel with the author (within New York, New Jersey and Connecticut)
  • Facilitate book sales
  • Develop block tours to specific locations, thereby allowing schools to share in travel expenses.

Why do we participate in all aspects of the visit?
We understand that hosting a successful author day requires meticulous planning and attention to detail. That’s our strong suit! Why recreate the wheel when we’ve already developed a master plan for successful author visits? We don’t want to just be an agent, booking a one-time event and not see the entire event through to a successful finish. We are partners to authors and schools, and are well known for ensuring superior programming.

We facilitate book sales for author visits.
As part of each author event, we coordinate the book sales, making it so easy that you’ll never wish to do it any other way! We offer a customized order form for every author visit. We can fulfill your book needs before, during and after the visit. We ship quickly and keep a well-stocked inventory. We can coordinate book sales for ANY AUTHOR VISIT so if you already have an event set-up and would enjoy help with your book sale, just give us a call.

In addition to providing book sales for the author visits we plan, we are frequently asked to coordinate just book sales. Most authors have many publishers and our services allow clients to work with just one vendor. In addition, many authors are participating in “virtual visits” and we are frequently asked to facilitate the book sales component for such visits. When coordinating just the book sales component, there is no set-up fee, we simply make a margin on book sales and share some of the profits with the school or PTA.

We guide authors in the development of their programs.
Children’s Authors’ Ally guides authors in the development of their programs. We have observed hundreds of author programs and know what works best with students and teachers. We have listened to our clients’ expectations and feedback after the visit. We closely watch the students during the programs and writing workshops. On occasion, even veteran visiting authors wish to add a new dimension to their program. We are here to help implement such improvements.

What do we charge?
In order to do what we love and remain unbiased in our recommendations, we charge a small fee for the coordination of each visit and ask that we are the sole vendor for the book sales. We do offer our clients a discount on the book sales. We make the process so easy for the school that we GUARANTEE once you decide to work with us, you’ll want to work with us for years to come! Again, there is no set-up fee for book sale only.